Friday, January 5, 2007


Yeah, my period arrived today...when I supposedly have 3 more days of Provera to go.


Honestly, I think my body is so confused it doesn't know which end is up. This drug, that drug...not to mention four days of utter gluttony in New Orleans over New Years. Hey, maybe the excess of calories and fat kickstarted some kind of hormone overdrive!

Anyway, the doc says no big deal, and away we go with a baseline u/s tomorrow. Don't you love going to the doctor on the weekend?

I'm getting the Follistim pen this cycle and have to admit I'm a bit anxious about the daily shots. I know all you long time Infertility ladies out there are probably laughing at the newbie...but shoving a needle into myself voluntarily every day just doesn't sound fun. Well at least we know I'll never be a junkie.


Lara said...

Im the biggest freak ever when it comes to needles. Or at least I used to be before infertility. Now I just look at the needles and say huh...whatever. DH does all my injections except for subq shots in the belly (which dont hurt even a little bit btw!). One tip for injections is to ice the area for 20 minutes or so before the shot. You won't even feel it, makes it so much nicer and less stressful. Good luck 2 u!

Anonymous said...