Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here we go...

Well after digging around for what seemed like an eternity, the fresh young med student (under the watchful eye of an actual doc) found a big ol' honkin' follicle on my left ovary. 20mm -- far bigger than I've ever produced, and on CD12 no less! Follistim is the bomb y'all.

Now for the whiny part...I was really hoping to get at least two follies to increase the chances of success this cycle. I know, annoying of me to complain when I should be thrilled just to have one ripe follie considering last cycle I didn't even get that. But...I want as many follicles as possible without getting into an OHSS situation! I want something, anything, to increase the chances! I just want this stupid infertility crap to be over! Waah! Ok, end whine.

So after announcing that Freddy Follie was 20mm, the doc told me to take my HCG shot immediately. Which was conveniently sitting in my fridge at home. 30 minutes away via freeway. And did I mention I had a meeting at work starting in 20 minutes? Soooo needless to say I skipped the meeting and we got back in the car and drove home, shoved the shot in, and jumped back in the car and drove back to the city. Guess next time I'll take it seriously when they say to bring the trigger shot to the u/s appointments.

IUI tomorrow know and I know that I am already thinking about how I'm going to announce that I'm pregnant, so I can't pretend that I'm not hopeful that this will work. But when it doesn't work, indulge me when I say that I hadn't gotten my hopes up, ok? Really, it's the least you can do.


The Town Criers said...

I promise not to make you eat your words. And hopefully, you won't have to. Crossing my fingers for you.

Carol said...

Oh my gosh!! I've been so caught up in my own thing that I didn't realize you were this close too.

Glad you skipped the meeting - they're usually silly anyway. Good luck!!

When is your pregnancy test?? If you O tomorrow, and C's retrieval is tomorrow - is it possible that we will be having a pregnancy test on the same day??

How amazing could that be!!

I'll be keeping everything crossed for you too (except for the legs of course)


ava said...

Carol -- yeah, we are almost on the same cycle!! So crazy. I didn't think I'd be ready this early since today is only CD12 and the earliest I had O'd on previous monitored cycles was CD18. I guess we've pulled out at least the medium guns now! :)

Sooo...if I do the IUI tomorrow I will be testing on Feb 3rd if I follow my clinic's direction to test 16dpiui. ACK who can wait that long?? More likely I will be testing 14dpiui on Feb would be really cool if it's the same day as you!

Lara said...

Hey good luck tomorrow and if you find out it didn't work just know that there's a lot of us out here who have been there. That same group is hoping you make it this time. IUIs are no big deal, they're so easy and don't hurt a bit. My doc even warms the speculum for my comfort. OK so legs up in gyno pose on the table will NEVER be comfortable, but I've now done it so many times its old hat to me! Again, Good luck!

serenity said...

Found your blog through the town criers - and wanted to wish you luck tomorrow!

And if it doesn't work, I also promise that I will not disagree with you when you say you weren't feeling hopeful.

Hopefully you won't have to deal with that, though.

The Town Criers said...

Trying to add you to the blogroll, but it keeps telling me that your blog doesn't publish an RSS feed. Any clue what that is? I'm not very computer savvy. But maybe it's a setting that got changed on Blogger?

Anyway, you are aaaaaaaaalways welcome at my bar, though you'll hopefully only be served non-alcoholic beverages for the next 9 months. Truly, good luck!

Nicole said...

All of my digits are crossed for you. Rage on Freddy Follie!

The Town Criers said...

Added you to the blogroll. Welcome to the Blogosphere!

ms. c said...

Hey! I came to you via Mel. Nice to meet you!
I'm wishing you so much luck for this cycle. Rock on Freddie! (Love that name. Too cute.)
Hope is a crazy thing, isn't it?