Thursday, January 11, 2007

I just can't help myself

I just knitted up my first hat and I have to show it off:

It's a little hard to tell from the picture but it's made of the most yummy soft yarn ever, that changes in shade from light orange at the brim to darker red/orange at the top. It was pretty easy to make so I shouldn't be THAT proud of myself, but it's so damn cute, especially with the huge fluffball on top! It's for a friend's soon-to-be-born baby...I'm thinking if the fertility gods & goddesses are kind, they'll decide that I'm so generous and kind that I deserve to get pregnant.

You never know, right?

On a related note, if anyone is looking for something to occupy her time (i.e. keep you off the internet for a while) I strongly suggest knitting. Very cathartic -- and at the end, you have cute stuff to give away or better yet, keep for yourself. And all of my TTC/"fertility challenged" (thanks Carol, I like that way of thinking of it!) friends will be receiving a celebratory baby hat when they get preggo, I guarantee it. Who knows, maybe even one day I'll get to make a hat for my very own baby.

On an unrelated (but yet even more relevant) note, yesterday I watched a show on Discovery Health channel about couples undergoing IVF and I cried my eyes out when it didn't work out for some of them, and cried even harder when it did work for others. I was happy to find the show amidst the huge number of shows about happy people having happy babies, but don't watch it unless you have plenty of kleenex.


Meg said...

Ah... "Test Tube babies" right? I have fallen prey to that program on more than one occasion. Welcome to the blogosphere, Ava.

ava said...

Yes! And thanks for the welcome :)

Carol said...

very nice hat! I can't wait to get mine!

I haven't seen that tv show. When? where?

ava said...

Ok, the show I was watching is actually called "The Baby Lab" and it looks like it's a documentary about one clinic in St. Louis. I'm sure they'll run it again, just set the Tivo & get the kleenex out :)