Monday, April 30, 2007


So I am starting to feel some movement...what a strange and amazing feeling! To me it feels like light ticklish taps and sometimes a bit wiggly. Maybe he/she is doing somersaults in there. It's so exciting and cool to feel, and it really makes me realize that I am, in fact, somehow, having a baby. Whoa.


In other news, my belly is definitely an obvious pregnant belly and my OB confirmed last Thursday that being short has a lot to do with it. As she put it, a 7lb baby inside me would proportionally take up more of my total body mass than a 7lb baby inside her. (Not that it's 7lbs yet of course, but you get where she is going with it...). So that made me feel better as I seriously was starting to wonder if there was something weird going on! I guess I'm going to be a giant ball of belly by the end, with a head and some limbs poking out. I don't have any new belly pics yet but I'm planning to take some before Friday, so I'll post 'em next time.

And now for the downside of pregnancy...the endless farting! I seriously cannot stand it anymore, and for some horrible reason it doesn't really kick in until evening when G is home and gets to "enjoy" it along with me. UGH. I don't know what I'm going to do to make it more bearable, but there's got to be something. In the meantime, G has forbidden me to eat broccoli and I'm trying to keep beans to a minimum.

OH -- my big ultrasound has been moved to May 16th when I'll be just about 19 weeks. My doc would rather do it then since the baby will be bigger, and the only reason we were going to do it at 16 weeks was because we were considering having an amnio if the baby is a boy, since there will be a 50% chance he'd have hemophilia. But happy day, when I saw my doc last week she said the only reason to do the amnio at 16 weeks would be if we were thinking of terminating due to hemophilia, which we definitely wouldn't do. So instead, if it's a boy we'll do an amnio at 30+ weeks since if he did have hemophilia we'd possibly go straight to a planned c-section (less squeezing of baby). I'm so happy that we don't have to do it now, because I was really worried about m/c risk...hooray!

So, we have another couple weeks until we find out boy or girl -- definitely worth the wait for no amnio.

And on a related note, I finally got back the NT test results and everything is normal/good, so no need for amnio there either.

And I guess the last thing I want to say today is that I'm amazed every single day that I'm pregnant. I wake up in the morning and check to see that my belly is still there, and I look at it in the mirror every night before I go to bed. It just feels like a miracle.

Friday, April 20, 2007

15 weeks 1 day

A few assorted raves for the day...

Rave #1: SNOOGLE!
Ok, pre-pregnancy I thought body pillows were a little silly and airplane catalog-esque. But after tossing and turning three nights in a row, culminating in a night filled with horrid back pain, I turned in my last hipster credential and purchased not just a body pillow, but a special pregnancy body pillow that looks like a big curly worm.

And It. Is. Fabulous!

I used it last night for the first time and it felt like I was sleeping in a giant squishy cuddle all night. I could even sleep on my back without feeling an uncomfortable heaviness in my abdomen, because I was sort of propped sideways on the pillow. And best of all, my back feels so much better today. Hooray for dorky pillows!

G gives it a middling review however, as he feels like we're not in the same bed anymore because he can't see me over the edge of the pillow. All in all, a small price to pay for a good night's sleep (god, I must be getting old) and I told him we can spend extra cuddle time before I put my new boyfriend in the bed.

Rave #2: new prenatal yoga class
I posted recently about the frustrating "fertile people-centric" comments the one yoga teacher made, but I decided to give the class one more go...and left feeling frustrated by her and by the class itself. I'm all for taking it a little more easy with the exercise when pregnant, but I do want to get some exercise.

So I tried another prenatal class and it was so great. I loved the teacher and she actually had us work a little, not just relaaaax the entire time. Everyone in class was really cool too, they all seemed like interesting people. So I'm giving that class a big two thumbs up and I'm excited to continue in it.

Rave #3: big u/s coming up
I cannot believe that we will (most likely, if the sea monkey cooperates) know if the baby is a boy or a girl in a little more than a week! I just can't wait to know more information, not to mention start the naming argument in earnest with G. So far we are agreed on a girl's name and in complete disagreement on every boy's name either of us comes up with. So we've put that discussion on hold until we know if we even need to be talking about it.

Rave #4: maternity pants
I started wearing maternity pants this week and I cannot believe how comfortable they are. WHY aren't all pants made with stretchy tops? Why do we think we need buttons and zippers when it is so much more comfortable to just pull your pants on and go? Not to mention the easy access for bathroom stops (and I suppose for fun reasons too, how sexy!) and the wonderful feeling of never feeling your pants dig into you. I don't think I'll ever go back. And now I have negative hipster credentials.

So, I guess I'm feeling good these days...still scared from time to time that the baby has disappeared, and of course still scared that something will go horribly & hideously wrong, but most of the time I'm working on sailing along assuming that things actually will turn out just fine.

And a tiny little part of me is starting to realize that yes, there is a very good possibility that I will be having a baby in October. Holy crap.

Last but not least, here are some belly pics, taken on Monday (14 wks 4 days) in my glamorous yoga outfit:

Monday, April 9, 2007

13 wks...hello 2nd trimester!

Well, now I feel even worse that I stopped posting for so long after people left such nice comments about being worried about me! You made my day, and I promise I will keep posting.

Sooo, now for the latest:

The NT scan last Wednesday was great, the u/s tech said all the measurements looked really good. Of course we still need to get the combined results but I'm glad that at least so far things are looking good!

The Jumbo Shrimp (size of the baby courtesy of BabyCenter) was sleeping away with his/her hand to mouth, possibly even sucking his/her cute. Then of course we needed it to move to get the final measurement, and the tech kept trying to wake it up by poking my stomach and it wouldn't wake up. For a split second I panicked thinking something was terribly wrong, then I remembered that we had just listened to the heartbeat, so it really was just sleeping. Then I had my first moment of "worried Mom", thinking "Great, my kid isn't doing what it's supposed to be doing, it's not paying attention to direction" -- then I snapped out of it and gave it a good poke and said "Wake up!" and it did. So then I got to feel like super Mom.

G's eyes were like saucers the entire time, this was the 1st time he saw it moving and I think it's really starting to hit him that this is really happening. He was amazed that it could be sleeping or awake, and when it started moving/swimming around he couldn't believe it. I think it's funny because even though it's amazing to me too, I already really think of it as a little separate creature in my tummy, so of course it could be awake or asleep! Since the u/s he has been sticking his face right up to my tummy every night and talking to the baby, which I love...he is starting to have his own relationship with the baby, and not just with a pregnant wife.

Next milestone will be the big anatomy u/s, which we are having a little early at 16 weeks, 3 weeks from today. I am really excited to find out the sex...I keep thinking it's a boy but for a split second at the NT scan I thought I might have seen some girly parts. So we'll see...

Pics from the NT scan at the end of this post.

Other musings:

I was in my prenatal yoga class the other day, which I really love. It's great to be with all the pregnant ladies at once, and see how everyone's bodies are different and beautiful in their own ways. The teacher is great and really helps us focus attention on our babies and on getting ready to give birth. BUT. She said something that really bothered me, and I am debating whether to talk to her about it.

She was talking about how amazing being pregnant is, and then started talking about how wonderful it is that we're all fertile, and how being a woman is amazing because we can do this, and when we're not pregnant and we bleed every month it's a celebration of fertility...and then mentioned the movie "Children of Men" and talked about how the people are infertile in it in a way that suggested this was a terrible horror. And I was sort of shocked that she didn't even think for a MINUTE that someone in the class might have struggled with infertility before getting pregnant, or that not everyone bleeds every month (as in, I haven't had a period on my own without drugs since I was 19 years old) or that the ability to give birth (or lack thereof) doesn't make you more or less of a woman.

So what do you guys think, should I mention this to her and ask that she be more sensitive to how she talks about this subject? I am so grateful that I am pregnant, but that doesn't mean I consider myself "fertile"...I don't know what to say I guess. Thoughts and ideas welcomed.

Close-up side view:

Side view (sleeeepy baby). The little triangle shaped blob near the face is the hand:

This is after it woke up and started rolling around. It's the back and the head is starting to turn a bit: