Friday, April 20, 2007

15 weeks 1 day

A few assorted raves for the day...

Rave #1: SNOOGLE!
Ok, pre-pregnancy I thought body pillows were a little silly and airplane catalog-esque. But after tossing and turning three nights in a row, culminating in a night filled with horrid back pain, I turned in my last hipster credential and purchased not just a body pillow, but a special pregnancy body pillow that looks like a big curly worm.

And It. Is. Fabulous!

I used it last night for the first time and it felt like I was sleeping in a giant squishy cuddle all night. I could even sleep on my back without feeling an uncomfortable heaviness in my abdomen, because I was sort of propped sideways on the pillow. And best of all, my back feels so much better today. Hooray for dorky pillows!

G gives it a middling review however, as he feels like we're not in the same bed anymore because he can't see me over the edge of the pillow. All in all, a small price to pay for a good night's sleep (god, I must be getting old) and I told him we can spend extra cuddle time before I put my new boyfriend in the bed.

Rave #2: new prenatal yoga class
I posted recently about the frustrating "fertile people-centric" comments the one yoga teacher made, but I decided to give the class one more go...and left feeling frustrated by her and by the class itself. I'm all for taking it a little more easy with the exercise when pregnant, but I do want to get some exercise.

So I tried another prenatal class and it was so great. I loved the teacher and she actually had us work a little, not just relaaaax the entire time. Everyone in class was really cool too, they all seemed like interesting people. So I'm giving that class a big two thumbs up and I'm excited to continue in it.

Rave #3: big u/s coming up
I cannot believe that we will (most likely, if the sea monkey cooperates) know if the baby is a boy or a girl in a little more than a week! I just can't wait to know more information, not to mention start the naming argument in earnest with G. So far we are agreed on a girl's name and in complete disagreement on every boy's name either of us comes up with. So we've put that discussion on hold until we know if we even need to be talking about it.

Rave #4: maternity pants
I started wearing maternity pants this week and I cannot believe how comfortable they are. WHY aren't all pants made with stretchy tops? Why do we think we need buttons and zippers when it is so much more comfortable to just pull your pants on and go? Not to mention the easy access for bathroom stops (and I suppose for fun reasons too, how sexy!) and the wonderful feeling of never feeling your pants dig into you. I don't think I'll ever go back. And now I have negative hipster credentials.

So, I guess I'm feeling good these days...still scared from time to time that the baby has disappeared, and of course still scared that something will go horribly & hideously wrong, but most of the time I'm working on sailing along assuming that things actually will turn out just fine.

And a tiny little part of me is starting to realize that yes, there is a very good possibility that I will be having a baby in October. Holy crap.

Last but not least, here are some belly pics, taken on Monday (14 wks 4 days) in my glamorous yoga outfit:


Isabel said...

Glad to hear all the happy. Yay for the happy!

M said...

:) Maternity pants are a godsend. A little secret, my maternity jean skirt is still in my closet. I LOVED that thing...and I'm wondering if I can pull it off this summer? I'm going to guess no, because I wore it until the very I probably streteched that thing WAAAAY out...but we shall see.

Nickie said...

Ok, I'll give the snoogle a try tonight. The pillow factor hasn't been the issue yet, I'm just so darn HOT all night long. I feel a blog post coming...

So glad you found a yoga class that lets you feel like it's exercise, not just relaxation. Work it while you can b/c you will feel like slowing down as you get bigger.

Speaking of bigger - NICE belly you got going on there! I can't believe you didn't go to maternity pants sooner, glad to hear you've given up your hipster status - it's really quite overrated ya know.

Oh, and you're now 85% more likely to be having a boy since you can't agree on a name for him. Can't wait to see if my prediction is right!!

Carol said...

I love your belly pics! So cute!

I have wondered about those pillows, but they do seem sort of dorky. I'm not having any sleeping issues yet, so I'll hold off for now. But I can totally picture that you would just get lost down in that pillow - you're so tiny, it must just swallow you right up. Poor G. But I think he will appreciate having a wife who is not so sleep deprived!

And I am totally with you on the maternity pants. I don't know how I'll ever go back to normal pants. Why can't regular pants be this comfortable? All that discomfort just for fashion! Forget it!

What day is your big ultrasound? Mine is next friday.

Furrow said...

Very nice belly shots (ooer, isn't that what they do with tequila?).

I'm thinking of joining a prenatal yoga class this Saturday. I hope it's not like your first one. I'm not sure there are any other options in this town.

Maternity pants do sound nice. Gotta get me some.

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